Germany vs Portugal Predictions

by faza657 | Posted on Monday, June 16th, 2014

germany-portugal-tiffWith many interesting clashes to look forward to during the World Cup group stages, the Die Mannschaft vs The Selecao encounter is one of the most anticipated ones. Therefore we shall be bringing you a rundown of the current odds on the match which represent the majority’s predictions.

Whilst Portugal do have one of the most gifted and accomplished footballers in Cristiano Ronaldo, it would seem tough for the Portuguese to beat Ze Germans. In fact, the odds for a German victory are set at 1.85 whilst a Portuguese win currently set at 4.30, with a draw between the two set at 3.40. This suggests that even a draw is more probable than a Selecao triumph.

The numbers don’t end there and reveal a few interesting predictions. Whilst the Germans are favoured to win, the scoreline which has been predicted the most is a 1-1 draw between the two with odds set at 5.75. A 1-0 win for Germany is set at 6.05 and a 2-0 victory for the same team set at 7.50. A goalless draw is predicted with odds set at 8.30 whilst a 2-1 triumph for Germany set at 8.40.

It is only then that a 1-0 Portuguese victory is taken into consideration with odds set at 9.85, which suggests that the majority of the fans predicted the score lines mentioned above more than the thought of Portugal snatching a win over their rivals.

Any football fan with a brain would bet on Germany emerging as victors due to several reasons including an impeccable list of stars in their squad as well as the amazing form German football is experiencing. Although Portugal are by no means a one man team, their fortunes this summer will largely depend on their star player’s form.

Tune in as we shall be analysing the current odds on the most anticipated matches during the World Cup group stages, and don’t forget to visit the sportsbook page to be part of the World Cup betting fever.

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