Top European Nation Predictions

by faza657 | Posted on Monday, June 16th, 2014

world cup predictionsWe all know the threat which footballing giants Brazil and Argentina will impose this summer, whilst Uruguay are also opponents which any football fan with a brain would fear. They are playing at their home continent’s climate after all, giving them the edge over their non South American counterparts.

Yet how do the European nations fare?

As per the sportsbook page, as well as several media outlets and pundits’ opinions, two particular nations seem to obtain the quality required to outmuscle the trophy out of the locals’ hands. These nations are Germany and Spain.

Should a European nation end up lifting the trophy, the odds of Germans being announced as the victors are currently set at 3.40, with the odds of a fourth consecutive national trophy for Spain set at 3.80.

The next European nation in the list is Belgium, who should no longer be classed as underdogs as their star studded squad pits them above the likes of Italy, France and Portugal. The odds of them winning are currently set at 8.00, showing the gap between Spain and Germany and the rest of the European nations.

France come in fourth with odds of lifting the trophy set at 9.00, whilst Italy, Netherlands and Portugal all come in joint fifth with odds set at 13.00. In sixth place we find England, who still have the capability of surprising everyone this season.

Stay tuned as we shall be updating all of you with all of the bets, odds, predictions, news and gossip relating to the 2014 World Cup.

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