A Review of Team-Sport Athlete Activity Profile Analysis

Tracking technology, such as global positioning systems (GPS), local positioning systems (LPS), and vision-based systems, can quantify a team-sport athlete’s external burden. During a match or training session, these technologies enable for the calculation of displacement, velocity, and acceleration. More...

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Soccer is good for your health.

Soccer (also known as football in some countries) is the most popular sport in the world, and it is played in nearly every country. It’s a team sport with 11 players on each side passing the ball and scoring goals with their legs, heads, and torsos. Because of the nature of the game, participants More...

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Football Laws

THE RULE OF THE OFFSIDE The offside rule is a simple notion, but it’s not difficult for players and linesmen to judge, which is why offside judgments are frequently addressed by pundits and on highlight shows. The simple rule is that if a player’s head or feet are beyond the last defender More...

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How Africa is faring in Brazil

As of Thursday last week, the African contingency participating at the World Cup have not done their continent any real justice, with the overall record between the five nations amounting to one win, one draw and three losses. Cameroon crashed out of the World Cup after two extremely dismal performances. More...

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The World Cup Champions’ Curse

It has happened yet again. It occurred in 2002 in South Korea, when then World Cup 1998 champions France were unceremoniously knocked out of the group stages. Then, fast forward eight years, Italy find themselves in the same situation in South Africa, having won the 2006 edition. Now, in Brazil and in More...

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liveworldcupodds An Update on the Favourites

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Top European Nation Predictions

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Current Odds on World Cup Winners

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