Group H Odds

by faza657 | Posted on Monday, June 9th, 2014

group HIn recent weeks, we have been looking into the current odds set on various situations regarding the group stages. This week we shall be analysing the last group which includes the tournament’s dark horses Belgium in what seems like a pretty balanced group. Let’s check out how the current odds are shaping up these particular squads’ predictions.

As per the sportsbook page, the Diables Rouges are tipped to top the group due to current odds set at 1.70 although they’re closely followed by Ze Russians with odds set at 2.95. South Korea are the third squad to most likely top the group with current odds set at 9.25, with the odds of Algeria topping the group currently set at 25.00.

This explains that although Algeria are still in a position to upset the odds against their group’s opponents, the general consensus is that this will be a battle between the remaining three teams.

Analysing the Dual Forecast for this group sheds further light, as the two squads which are predicted to proceed are Belgium and Russia with odds set at 1.40. Replacing the Russians with South Korea gives us odds set at 3.70, whilst the odds of Belgium coming in 3rd or 4th place currently set at 10.00.

The chances of an Algerian qualification are diminished even further with current odds set at 16.00. Should these predictions turn out to be precise, expect some tough and interesting battles between Belgium, Russia and South Korea.

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