Brazil vs Croatia

by faza657 | Posted on Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Brazil-Vs-Croatia1With many interesting clashes to look forward to during the World Cup group stages, the tournament opening match between the home nation and the Croatians is one of the most anticipated ones. Therefore we shall be bringing you a rundown of the current odds on the match which represent the majority’s predictions.

The Selecao are obviously favourites to win the match, but not by too much. The current odds for a Brazilian victory are set at 1.03 whilst a win for Croatia is set with odds of 3.50. A draw between both teams is set at 1.12. This means that although Brazil are in fact the favourites, a loss for the home nation isn’t unquestionable, whilst a draw between the two has even higher odds.

When looking at Scoreline predictions however, the odds start to turn increasingly towards the South American nation. In fact, the outcome which attracted the most bets is a 2-0 win for Brazil with odds set at 4.70, followed by a 1-0 win for Brazil with odds set at 5.10. A 3-0 victory for Brazil follows with odds set at 6.50, whilst only the odds after those represent a somewhat positive outcome Croatia.

Three different scorelines have odds set at 10.00, which are a 2-1 victory for Brazil, a goalless draw or a 1-1 draw. These numbers show that the majority of fans partaking in these predictions think that it’s more probable that they will demolish Croatia 3-0 than beat them with a 2-1 victory. Only then does a Croatian victory come into question, with a 1-0 win for them set at 15.50.

Tune in as we shall be analysing the current odds on the most anticipated matches during the World Cup group stages, and don’t forget to visit the sportsbook page to be part of the World Cup betting fever.

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