Group                                                   : E with Switzerland, France and EcuadorHonduras

Current Fifa Ranking              : 4th with 1200 points

World Cup Appearances         : 1982 and 2010

Best Achievement                      : First Round

Head Coach                                      : Luis Fernando Suarez

Captain                                               : Noel Valladares

Even though Honduras did manage to scrape through qualification for this tournament, they are still considered as one of the weakest squads in the tournament. They have never managed to win a World Cup match, bowing out at the first round in their previous two attempts. Head coach Luis Fernando Suarez has been in charge since 2011 and the national team’s fortunes certainly enjoyed an uprising since his arrival, yet whether they are strong enough to compete with the best is yet to be seen.

They are in a very difficult group for their standards, and they shall want to avoid becoming the group’s ‘nation to beat’. France are a squad brimmed with immense talent, yet that talent comes with player egos and controversy, with team tension ruining their previous cup adventure. Switzerland are the new boys in town and have improved dramatically over the years, with the Ecuadorians already playing them to a draw in South Africa, whilst Ecuador are as dangerous as any South American team which manages to qualify for the tournament.

Whilst no high earners and brand names are involved, a few recognisable faces for world football fans are spread throughout the squad. Goalkeeper Noel Valladares is the team’s captain and number one, and shall depend on Hull City’s Figueroa and Wigan’s Juan Garcia for assistance. Stoke City’s Palacios and Wigan’s Espinoza are some of the names found in midfield, whilst striking duo Costly and Bengston will hope to improve on their already tenacious pairing.

Managing to proceed past the group stage would already be considered a success for Los Catrachos, with tougher competition lying in wait. The lack of pedigree in the team makes for realistic pundits and bookmakers alike to expect a first round exit; however one advantage they hold is that they are rather accustomed to the weather climate in Brazil, and will certainly hope to use it in their favour.


Latest Betting Odds on Honduras

                                                                                              1                        X                     2
15th June – France – Honduras  – 20:00                     1.28                           5.15                  11.00
20th June – Honduras – Ecuador – 23:00                5.00                            3.60                  1.70
25th June – Honduras – Switzerland – 21:00          6.25                           3.85                  1.55