Group                                                   : E with Switzerland, France and Honduras Ecuador

Current Fifa Ranking                : 23rd with 852 points

World Cup Appearances       : 2002 and 2006

Best Achievement                      : Round of 16 in 2006

Head Coach                                      : Reinaldo Rueda

Captain                                                : Antonio Valencia

El Tri-Color did not exactly experience the easiest of qualification campaigns, with their distasteful away form bringing in three draws and five losses in eight matches. Nonetheless, head coach Reinaldo Rueda and his troops gave one last push against rivals Uruguay, whom they managed to beat to clinch the last available spot for Brazil.

Even though the opposition they have played against were far easier than anything they will come op against during the World Cup, the squad could still pull off a coup by joining France or Switzerland in the top two spots. Honduras is a stern opponent nonetheless, yet one must feel that should no result be achieved against the former nations mentioned, hope could well be lost.

Manchester United winger Antoni Valencia wears the armband for the squad, which includes several talented players in midfield and attack yet a dearth of talent in defence is noticed. Morelia’s Jefferson Montero and Lokomotiv Moscow’s Felipe Caicedo are also players to look out for this coming summer. A vast array of domestic-based players are also up for selection for Rueda, yet this could either be a blessing due to the togetherness, or a hindrance due to lack of top-class talent.

Getting past this group will not be easy, yet it won’t be impossible. In their favour, El Tri-Color shall be playing in a climate which they are almost accustomed to, which will give them a great advantage over their European and Caribbean opposition. Come June, Group E shall be one to look out for.

Latest Betting Odds on Ecuador

                                                                                              1                        X                     2
15th June – Switzerland – Ecuador  – 17:00               2.25                           3.25                  3.20
20th June – Honduras – Ecuador – 23:00                 5.00                           3.60                  1.70
25th June – Ecuador – France – 21:00                       3.75                           3.40                  1.97