World Cup Tips

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World Cup betting tipsYou’ve got the knowledge, now’s the time to think up the strategy. With the 2014 FIFA World Cup a few months away, all football fans will be making their own guesses about what kind of action we’ll be seeing on the field in Brazil. The most daring fans will put this information to practice and score themselves some cash with a few well-placed bets.

It’s not all about luck. The beauty of football betting is that you can put to good use all your knowledge to improve your chances of winning. Taking a look at the history of the tournament and studying the current form of the participating teams will reveal a lot of important information that can make your pick a winner.

Apart from serving you with the hottest news and the latest World Cup odds, we at also bring you the insider tips to need to know to make an informed betting decision. Score yourself some cash this summer and experience the thrill of trying a bet or two. has got you covered!

Brazil seems to be favoured for a win in every way possible. The five-time world champion not only does it top all the odds charts, but it can also bank on the fact that nearly a third of the host nations have won the World Cup on their own turf. This bodes very well for Brazil and explains why they’re the hottest pick at the bookies.

Another interesting stat is that countries playing within their own continent stands a better chance of winning the World Cup. Fifteen of the nineteen World Cups staged so far have been won by teams that played in their home continent. This not only reinforces Brazil’s position as a strong favourite for the win, but bolsters the chances of neighbours Argentina and Uruguay to clinch the title. All the World Cups held in South America so far have been won by South American teams, and the question on everybody’s mind this summer is whether this trend will continue in 2014.