Too much Football is bad for Football

by faza657 | Posted on Monday, June 16th, 2014

311012-safestanding43213-455733_478x359Ever since the qualification phase for the World Cup began, us fans have received a constant and seemingly never ending river of heartbreaking news regarding injured stars who will not take part in Brazil this summer. The lengthening casualty list is truly as predictable as it is dispiriting.

Whilst certain stars have been ruled out ages ago, such as Colombia hit-man Radamel Falcao and England speedster Theo Walcott, recent friendlies which were anything but friendly have caused an increase in the casualty list.

Just last week, French wizard Franck Ribery and German winger Marco Reus were also added to the list which all football fans hate. There’s also the obvious fact that such players have had their dreams wrecked simply because of an unofficial match which is made for managers to test out formations.

Apart from said injured world class players, we also have some starlets which are currently in a race against time to get fit in time for a group stage match, particularly Uruguay’s Luis Suarez and Chile’s Arturo Vidal. Even the almighty Cristiano Ronaldo is currently undergoing strenuous tests to be fit in time for Portugal’s first match.

One this is for sure, we have certainly seen an increase in friendlies during this particular World Cup’s build up, with the decision proving to be decisive and destructive. Let’s hope that the remaining stars will help keep the quality and tempo of such an occasion at its highest level.

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